May 26, 2022

– Chef James Rigato, Mabel Gray, Hazel Park

1 cup toasted pine nuts

2 cups, packed fresh basil, picked and rinsed

2 cups, packed fresh parsley, picked and rinsed

½ c grated pecorino (or nutritional yeast or a grating vegan cheese to keep vegan)

1 cup olive oil

Salt and Tabasco to taste
Optional: add a few garlic cloves and/or some crushed red chile flakes if you want more kick. You can use all basil if you’d like. We like to add parsley to brighten up the pesto as basil can sometimes oxidize quickly.
And because parsley is delicious too.

In a food processor, add your pine nuts, herbs and pecorino. Start mixing while slowly adding olive oil.
The consistency will be on the thicker side and herbs will be kind of chucky. Season with salt and Tabasco
to your liking. This is a large batch. Feel free to cut in half.