Fresh Products

Check out the delicious offerings that have come from our latest harvest.

Pure Romaine

Locally grown, vibrant, and delicious red and green baby romaine leaves are smooth and crisp.

We harvest and pack our romaine hands-free every day. We are as committed to safety and sustainability as we are committed to growing flavorful, nutritious romaine lettuce.

Let our Pure Romaine blend inspire your next creation. It’s great for salads, sandwiches, wraps, and appetizers. Any way you like it is a great way to enjoy.

Ingredients: baby romaine lettuce


Crisp ‘n Clean

You haven’t had a baby green lettuce like this before. Crunchy, sweet, serrated, green leaves bring lift and life to your plate. Our gorgeous baby green leaves are locally grown, harvested, and packed hands-free every day.

Fresh, sustainable, and delicious, Crisp ‘n Clean is ready to create with you. It’s great as a salad of course, but also a terrific addition to sandwiches, wraps, and burgers (the Impossible ones too).

Ingredients: baby green leaf lettuce


Always Aromatic Basil

Our fresh, large-leaf basil is full of sweet and savory flavor. Sustainably and locally grown, we harvest hands-free every day to bring the taste of freshness to you.

From pesto to bruschetta, you definitely taste the difference freshness makes. Your creation plus our Always Aromatic Basil equals culinary bliss.

Ingredients: basil


4" Always Aromatic Basil Plant

Just like our fresh cut Always Aromatic Basil, our 4" Always Aromatic Basil plants produce fresh, large-leaf basil that is full of sweet and savory flavor. Keep these plants indoors or outdoors and always have fresh basil ready for your favorite dishes.

Ingredients: basil

Basil Care Instructions
4" Live Always Aromatic Basil Plant

Future Products

More herbs are on the way! Look out for Lakeland cilantro and Thai basil coming soon.