Lakeland Fresh Farms Goes Green with Rebate in Excess of $500,000 from DTE Grow Energy Efficiently Pilot Program

April 27, 2022

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, MICH. – April 27, 2022 – Lakeland Fresh Farms, a local producer of hydroponically grown greens, announced today it has been rewarded a rebate in excess of $500,000 from the DTE Grow Energy Efficiently Pilot Program. The financial incentive, issued to participating indoor agricultural organizations in Southeast Michigan, will enable Lakeland Fresh Farms to further its energy conscious footprint.

“We saw DTE’s Grow Energy Efficiently Pilot Program as an integral investment in our energy conscious company. This program gave our startup a leg up and helped us build on a firm economic footing,” said Joe Corace, President and CEO of Lakeland Fresh Farms. “We are grateful to partner with DTE on this program which will change the projection of startups in the indoor agriculture space.”

Launched in 2021, the DTE Grow Energy Efficiently Pilot Program offers energy efficiency solutions to indoor agricultural growers like Lakeland Fresh Farms, which grows its unique blend of greens from its 80,000-sqaure-foot indoor facility in Chesterfield Township, Michigan. Lakeland Fresh Farms sells directly to grocers and restaurants throughout metro Detroit. Its hydroponically grown greens are harvested and packaged hands-free year-round. The products go straight from harvest to stores and restaurants in just hours, allowing them to be enjoyed at the peak of freshness. The products include:

  • Pure Romaine – smooth and crisp red and green baby romaine leaves.
  • Crisp ‘n Clean – crunchy, sweet and serrated baby green leaves.
  • Always Aromatic Basil – fresh and flavorful large-leaf basil.

Lakeland’s process employs hundreds of LED grow lights and a computer controlled indoor weather system that uses 90% less water than open field growing and allows for hands free automation, significantly enhancing food safety. Lakeland’s mission is to sustainably grow the safest, freshest, and tastiest produce year-round, utilizing environmentally and socially responsible business practices. The DTE Grow Energy Efficiently Pilot Program enabled Lakeland to meet its sustainability goals while impacting the company’s bottom line.

“When like-minded businesses unite to create change, our land, people, and wildlife are better for it,” Corace said. “I am looking forward to the continued success Lakeland will experience by participating in this energy-conscious program.”

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